What is Heady Glass? An Introduction for Beginners

Welcome to Ziggy’s Smoke Shop, the premier destination for all your smoking needs in Southern California and beyond. Among our prized collections, Heady Glass holds a special place. But what is this alluring form of artistry that has been featured on platforms like Vice TV? Let’s dive deep.

Understanding the Art: What is Heady Glass?

Heady Glass refers to high-end, artisanal glass pieces, primarily bongs and pipes, celebrated for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and unmatched craftsmanship. Each heady glass artifact is a testament to an artist’s skills, boasting detailed patterns, unique techniques, and sometimes mesmerizing 3D elements.

A Dive into History: The Birth of Heady Glass

Glass-blowing and functional artistry started their love affair in the late 20th century. As artists got their hands on evolved glass-blowing techniques, they began creating what we cherish as ‘heady glass’. It’s a movement deeply rooted in the West Coast, especially in hubs like Southern California.

Why Heady Glass Stands Out

  • Craftsmanship: Each piece is an artist’s creation, showcasing their passion and skill.
  • Design Intricacy: Beyond functionality, every piece tells a story with its colors and patterns.
  • Material Quality: Artists opt for top-tier, durable glass, marrying beauty with resilience.
  • Customization: Many artists craft bespoke pieces, embodying personal touches and desires.

Ziggy’s Smoke Shop in the Limelight

Ziggy’s hasn’t just been a bystander in the heady glass revolution. We’ve been at the forefront, championing these pieces and their creators. Our dedication to this art form has not gone unnoticed, earning us features on renowned platforms such as Vice TV and other notable media outlets.

Showcasing Premier Artists at Ziggy’s

At Ziggy’s, we pride ourselves on associating with some of the industry’s most esteemed heady glass artists:

  • IrocZii: Renowned for its avant-garde designs and a style that breaks boundaries.
  • Coyle & Icke: Masters of intricate patterns, creating pieces that are visually overwhelming.
  • Rocko & Blitzkriega: Their designs often intertwine nature and abstraction, resulting in unique, head-turning pieces.
  • Blu Sun Glass & Nerv: Celebrated for their vibrant color schemes and breathtaking patterns.
  • Carsten Glass & Crunk Glass: Artists who blend traditional techniques with modern design aesthetics.
  • Daniels Glass & Dale Headie: Both are storytellers, with every piece narrating a tale of its own.
  • Kuhns Glass & Matt Robertson: These maestros play with shapes and forms, challenging conventions.
  • Mothership & Murdoc: Pioneers of incorporating 3D elements, adding depth to their creations.
  • Pinky Brewtz, Hoobs, & Snic Barnes: Artists who aren’t afraid to experiment, often unveiling pieces that are ahead of their time.
  • Elbo Glass & Fat Boy Glass: Their creations resonate with both traditionalists and modernists, striking a fine balance between the past and the present.


  1. What makes heady glass unique?
    • Its unparalleled craftsmanship, design intricacy, and the personal touch of the artist.
  2. How do I maintain my heady glass?
    • Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt ensures longevity and aesthetics.
  3. Are all heady glass pieces unique?
    • Most are due to their hand-crafted nature, though some artists have series with similar themes.
  4. Can I get a custom-made piece at Ziggy’s?
    • Certainly! We facilitate custom orders in collaboration with our featured artists.
  5. Why is heady glass often pricier than regular pieces?
    • The intricate design, hand-blown craftsmanship, and the artist’s reputation often determine the value.
  6. How does Ziggy’s curate its heady glass collection?
    • We prioritize quality, artistry, and artist reputation, ensuring only the best for our customers.
  7. Why has Ziggy’s been featured in media outlets?
    • Our vast collection, dedication to the craft, and collaborations with premier artists have garnered media attention.
  8. Is every heady glass piece at Ziggy’s an original?
    • Yes, we source directly from artists, ensuring authenticity and originality.

Embrace the mesmerizing realm of Heady Glass with Ziggy’s Smoke Shop. Relish the artistry, be a part of Southern California’s vibrant culture, and perhaps, let a piece of this legacy find its way to your home.

Further queries or to explore our collection, reach out on ziggyssmokeshops.com or visit our store.

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