How To Take A Dab

If you are curious about the world of dabbing, you might be wondering how the process works. You might have noticed that dab rigs don’t look like your standard pipe and can look pretty confusing to use. The good news is that it isn’t as difficult as you might think. The bad news is that you will need to be careful when you dab, especially if it is your first time. Dabbing is a great way to use cannabis, but it can come with a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately, we have you covered.

Set Aside Your Concentrate

Before you touch your dab rig, it is generally best to portion out your concentrate. Concentrate is highly potent, so if this is your first time with it, you should try to use as little as possible. Even a small amount of concentrate can pack a ton of THC and you don’t want to end up overwhelmed. Make sure that you have your small portion of concentrate set aside before you begin so you can access it easily later.

Heat The Nail

Depending on what kind of dab rig you use, this process can vary. If you are using a dab pen, you can generally begin by simply pressing a button. These rigs are known to heat themselves, which can drastically simplify the process. For a traditional dab rig, you will need to use a torch to heat the nail physically yourself. Using a torch is no joke and can be dangerous, so make sure you exercise caution when using it. To heat the nail, you will want to apply the source of the heat to the nail for a short while. Different nails require different lengths, so make sure you know what kind of nail your device offers.

Allow It To Cool

This might sound a little confusing, but it is generally best to let the nail cool ever so slightly. Some people swear that this is the key to effective dabbing. Depending on the kind of nail your device has, you might let it cool for ten to forty seconds as needed.

Apply The Concentrate

After your nail is properly cooled, you can apply the concentrate. This is one reason having it portioned out in advance is so important. You want to be able to easily apply it while the nail is still hot. For dab pens, you should apply the concentrate before the heating process.

Cover The Dab

Unless you are using a dab pen, you will need to cover your dab with a cap before inhaling. Once this is done, inhale the contents and enjoy it. Since dabbing can be highly potent, make sure you take the time to start small with your hits as well.


Dabbing might be a new take on smoking cannabis, but it can be pretty great. If you are looking for a way to take in a lot of THC very quickly, dabbing might be right for you. Like other forms of cannabis, this approach is always better with friends.

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