How To Clean A Glass Bong

Bongs are an old favorite for cannabis users. Even now, in a world filled with incredible cannabis mediums, bongs have managed to hold their ground as a preferred option. However, there is one part of owning a glass bong that confuses some people: cleaning it. If you have found yourself guessing at how to clean your bong, or you are completely new to the process, don’t worry. We have made this easy guide to help you keep your bong nice and clean for continuous use.

Separate The Components

Bongs actually tend to break down into quite a few pieces. While this is not always the case, you will want to pull your bong apart if it does consist of many different pieces. Keeping the pieces together will make it impossible for you to clean it thoroughly.

Begin With A Nice Hot Rinse

Bongs are known to get full of resin and can leave quite a mess behind. To make your cleaning process easier, you will want to begin by rinsing it with nice and hot water. This will help to loosen everything up so you can more easily clean out the different components later. A good rinse can really help the rest of the process go more smoothly.

Soak As Needed

Though you will need to soak your bong more later, some people like to do a pre-soak in hot water to try to loosen up as much as possible. Letting your bong soak for twenty or thirty minutes can make it easier to knock out more resin before the final soak.

Clean What You Can

Whether you are using an actual bong cleaning brush or a cotton swab, focus on cleaning as much as you can after your first rinse and soak. Any resin that you have access to, give it a quick scrub down. As you knock off more resin, continuously rinse the bong.

Choose Your Cleaner

A lot of us tend to have a preferred cleaner for our bongs and there really are a lot of options. Some people use alcohol, others use alcohol and salt, and some people prefer to use lemon juice. Now, you can even buy a bong cleaner that has been designed to get rid of that resin. Choose your cleaner, or experiment with a few to see what works best. Dabuloso is a new popular choice for those who want a premium dab cleaner.

Soak Your Bong

After you have chosen your cleaner, it is time to soak. Put your bong in a nice and reliable container like a bowl or strong bag and mix your preferred cleaner into some water. Add the bong components and let them sit for several hours. When you are done, rinse it off and repeat as needed.


Bongs are wonderful devices but they can get pretty dirty. In order to keep your bong looking nice, make sure you take the time to regularly wash it as needed. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience and will make cleaning it easier every time. If there is no buildup, you can keep it much nicer for longer.

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