Why You Should Use A Bong

Bongs are one of the oldest cannabis culture tools in the book, but new users aren’t always privy to them. Though you have probably heard of a bong, if you have never actually used one, it is completely understandable that you might not be certain of its use, or of the reasons that you should use one. For all of you cannabis lovers, we wanted to break down the real value of a bong and why you should definitely try one.

The Smoking Experience

In most cases, you probably think that smoking is pretty dope. A lot of us feel that way, but is it really the smoking that we enjoy? We all know the feelings that come with CBD and THC, but what about the actual smoking process itself? How do you feel about that? Chances are, if you have ever finished off a bowl a little too well, you have found yourself wondering if smoking is worth it. Sometimes, it can burn. Sometimes it’s harsh. Sometimes it makes you cough in front of your friends and you look lame. There are a lot of reasons to not love smoking as a physical process, but there is a way to help.

The Anatomy of A Bong

Bongs are fairly easy to spot. They generally include some kind of base that can be filled with water, a bowl for your weed, and a long tube at the top. These components are designed to allow you to smoke through the water instead of inhaling the smoke directly. With a bong, you pack the bowl and take your hit off the top. Some even come with additional parts that are designed to make it even easier for you to inhale the smoke because not everyone gets it right the first time.

How Bongs Help

A lot of people prefer bongs, but if you don’t understand them, it isn’t immediately clear why. Since bongs filter the smoke that you are inhaling through the water, it can take a lot of the harshness out of your smoking experience. The reason that die-hard stoners flock to these devices is that they can make the smoking experience a lot smoother. It stops you from directly inhaling piping hot smoke, which all around makes for a better experience, particularly if you smoke a lot. 


Bong use has been around for ages and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With a bong, you can enjoy regular smoking without too much heat exposure to your poor throat. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. You can learn how to use a bong online, or you can reference our guide on how to clean a bong if you need help there. Bongs bring a truly wonderful experience and are something that every cannabis lover should try at least once. Don’t worry if it feels a bit strange the first time. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to use anything else!

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