Why You Should Store Your Edibles Like You Store Flower

Edibles are becoming more popular now that the market for them is growing. While edibles have always been a treasured way to enjoy cannabis, the edible market is changing. Gone are the simple days of pot brownies. In their place, you can find a myriad of marijuana products that come in every flavor and suit every need. It is a long-overdue change, but it has many now wondering how to keep them fresh. In this article, we are going to explore why you should take just as much care when storing your edibles as you do flower.

What About The Storage The Edible Came In?

If you have purchased edibles lately, chances are that you have grappled with their packaging. By law, edibles have to be incredibly secure. If you think it is hard to get into a bottle of cough syrup, edibles are on a whole other level. While this is good in case your pack falls into small hands, these packages aren’t always the best for storage. In most cases, these storage devices are meant to keep kids out, not keep freshness in. Even resealable bags can let your edibles get a bit stale with time.

The Case For Edible Storage

Unless you plan to go through a pack of edibles incredibly quickly, you probably want them to stay fresh. There is nothing worse than finding out that the gummies you bought the week before are now rock hard and flavorless. Poor storage can cause a lot of problems, whether it is moisture getting in and turning your edible hard candies into a single glob of cannabis or your cookies getting stale and breaking into impossibly portioned pieces. You need storage that you can depend on to keep your edibles in good shape, especially if you buy a bunch on a sale.

How To Store Edibles

Edible storage will go one of two ways. The first way is to simply invest in normal kitchen storage. You will want something air tight that will preserve freshness if you go this route, but your needs might differ based on the edibles themselves. Buy something that you would use to keep your food fresh and you should be fine. However, you can always just use the same storage units that you would to keep flower fresh. Cannabis retailers have been providing storage that is specially designed to keep freshness in—as well as the smell of cannabis—and these are always a good option.


Cannabis products are always best when enjoyed fresh, so don’t miss out on your chance to keep them that way. Don’t be afraid to splurge when your dispensary does a sale on edibles because you don’t think you can eat them in time. With proper storage, edibles can last a lot longer and maintain that freshness. Instead of relying on those boring old plastic containers, dress your edibles up in something that will keep them fresh—and then store them somewhere safe when you are done!

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