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Why Boveda Packs Are Good For Cannabis Storage

Cannabis lovers know the importance of high-quality products better than probably anyone. It is no secret that the cannabis game has been hit or miss for a while, and now that we have had a taste of the good life, we are never going back. But, for years now, the question of cannabis storage has been a bit of a hot topic. Everyone has their favorite methods, but do they really work? Boveda is one brand that was built around the science behind good cannabis storage. In this post, we will explain how their products keep your cannabis products fresh for the long-haul.

What Is Boveda?

Boveda is a global leader in storage solutions surrounding products like tobacco and cannabis. They originated in 1997 and have taken over the market over the years because of their incredible products. Originally known as Humidi-Pak, Boveda designs products that keep the perfect environment for cannabis and other products, like cigars, that make it easier than ever to keep your cannabis nice and in good shape.

The Science Side of Boveda

Boveda is a science-based company that is known for backing their products with high-quality data. Though Boveda’s packaging doesn’t look all that impressive, the results are out of this world. They rely on a mix of salts and water to maintain perfect humidity within a sealed environment. The end result is cannabis that stays fresh for longer than you knew was possible, making it ideal for those who stock up on a sale. With their patented formulas, which vary by need, you can have cannabis that is ready to survive the apocalypse because Boveda is there to regulate the humidity, ultimately preserving the small and flavor of your cannabis.

According to Boveda, cannabis loses over 40% of its terpenes in a fairly short amount of time. These terpenes are what give cannabis the smell and flavor that it has, and are also responsible for some of the effects. Bovedaworks by creating a shield around the terpenes. This means that your cannabis stays as fresh as the day that you bought it for months after purchase.

Boveda Makes It Easy To Keep Cannabis Fresh 

With Boveda, preserving your cannabis is easy. It doesn’t matter if you are storing joints or flower. With Boveda, you can enjoy fresh cannabis for months after purchase and it is so easy to use. Even though a lot of science went into making these products, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand them. Simply add the packet to your preferred storage unit and you will be good to go.


With Boveda, you can turn any sealed cannabis storage into a preservation tank for your cannabis. These simple packets make it easy for you to keep your cannabis fresh, so you never have to deal with the unpleasant harshness of overly dried weed. Boveda two-way humidity packs make it easy for you to store your weed for long spans of time and will revolutionize the way you treat your weed. Make sure you choose the correct size for the amount of cannabis that you have and you will be good to go!

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