What You Need To Know About Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

The world of cannabis has gotten a little more complicated in recent years and it has quite a few new toys to offer. When the legalization of marijuana first began sweeping the globe, it came with a pretty basic setup. Yes, you could buy cannabis and smoke it. There were prerolls, there were a few variations of joints, and of course, there were pipes. Now, new technology has taken over the cannabis scene in the form of vaporizers. This is why we wanted to explain what you need to know about vaporizers.

Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizers

Right now, there are two main kinds of vaporizers: portable and desktop vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are likely the ones that you are used to seeing. They are known for their small and sleek design, making them often appear like e-cigs when you look at them. Tabletop vaporizers are more comparable to digital bongs in a lot of ways. These are designed to sit on a table and generally offer a little more control.

They Can Vaporize Concentrates and Flower

Most people assume that vaporizers can’t be used with flower. While there are many vaporizers that do rely on concentrates, it isn’t your only option. If you want a vaporizer that allows you to smoke your favorite flower instead of a pre-selected concentrate, you actually have a lot of great main brand options. Don’t let the source of the THC drive you away from vaping.

They Can Offer Temperature Control

Some people like control when they vape and vaporizers can actually support that. While not every vaporizer is able to give you temperature control, a lot of tabletop vaporizers do. This gives you the ability to perfectly heat your cannabis or concentrate. If you’re a pro at heat regulation in cannabis, you might find that you like this feature quite a bit.

They Come At Different Prices

A lot of people assume that vaporizers are automatically going to be expensive, but that actually isn’t true. Whether you invest in a product for the long-term or opt for something a little more temporary, you will find that the prices really do accommodate any budget. You can generally spend as much or as little as you want.


In the modern age, a lot of people are turning to vaporizers in order to get their THC and CBD. These incredible examples of technology allow you to get a more comfortable and direct line to your cannabis and can come with some other convenient perks as well. If you’re sick of the cannabis smell, or you just don’t want your neighbors to know, a vaporizer can be a great investment.

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