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The Difference Between Production Glass and Heady Glass

Every cannabis user has their own preferences and the world of cannabis glass is no different. We’ve all spent time in a headshop looking for new products, and let’s be honest, there are a lot of options to choose from. When choosing the kind of bong or pipe that you want, you might end up considering the kind of glass that these creations are generally made from. Right now, there are two popular options: heady glass and production glass. In this post, we will explain the difference between these glass types and what that means for you.

Understanding Production Glass

Production glass is often considered to be the more professional style of glass. It isn’t because this glass is unbelievably better than other glass types, but it can come with a few additional perks. More importantly, it looks pretty professional. If you have been eyeing that bong that looks like it just walked out of a chemistry lab, it was probably production glass. This type of glass is clear and is generally used to create tools that make the cannabis experience better. This kind of glass goes into a lot of high-end bongs and can provide a supreme experience since it supports several of the more complex diffuser options.

Understanding Heady Glass

If production glass is the business professional of bong glass, heady glass is its artsy cousin. Heady glass is something you might not know by name, but you will know it by sight. You know those bong collections that you see in cases? The ones that look like a vibrant art display? Well, those are almost always made from heady glass. This style of glass is made by expert glassblowers and is generally used to create stunning masterpieces that will blow your mind. When you invest in heady glass, you can expect to pay a high price tag, but it is well worth it. The moment that you pull out that bad boy in front of friends, you will know why you spent all that money.

Which One Is Right For Me?

Choosing between these two styles of glass is really just a matter of what you like. If you are the kind of cannabis lover that lives for new diffusers and interesting extensions, production glass might be right for you—and it can be a lot cheaper. However, if you are looking to smoke your weed in a beautiful piece of artwork—or you just want something beautiful and artsy for your mantel—heady glass is likely a better option.


Most of us won’t choose one style of glass or another because of the type of glass. In reality, the average person is looking for something fun and functional. If you want something simple that gets the job done, you’ll probably end up with production glass. If you are looking to buy a bong that elicits gasps when you set it on the table, heady glass might be a good fit. Regardless of which glass you choose, you can count on a great cannabis experience, so just get what feels right!

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