The Basics of Dabbing Concentrates

When it comes to dabbing, a lot of us are known to feel a little overwhelmed by the options. While it is nice to have various kinds of cannabis concentrates available, not everyone understands what these concentrates are or how to use them. Knowing this, we wanted to make a quick insider guide to explain dabbing concentrates and the difference between the most common concentrates.

How Do I Dab?

Dabbing is a process that changes depending on what you use. Dab pens, for example, tend to give users a little more control over their dosing. With a traditional dab rig, you might find it more difficult to portion it out. It is always best to try this with someone who has done it before to avoid taking in too much THC at once. While nothing bad should happen, you might feel a bit too high if you aren’t careful. 

Dabbing Consists of Three Steps:

  • Heating The Nail
  • Applying The Concentrate
  • Inhaling The Concentrate 


Shatter is one of the available options when dabbing and it is growing in popularity a little more every single day. If you have ever looked at an image of concentrate and seen a golden liquid that looks like it was sucked out of a mythical flower, it was probably shatter. Shatter is just an incredibly potent cannabis extract.


Cannabis wax is a slightly more traditional concentrate for dabbing. It offers users a sort of thickened oil concentrate that can be used easily with dab rigs and other devices. It is made in a way that is similar to the creation of hash oil, but is generally known for its thicker wax-like presentation that makes it fairly easy to spot. Like shatter, it is almost always golden in color. It can also offer incredibly potent amounts of THC for the user and should be used with care.

Butane Hash Oil

Hash oil is another hugely popular concentrate for dabbing because it is so convenient. Most people opt to purchase hash oil cartridges for use with their pens. Some even take the time to invest in setups that allow you to easily refill the same container. These concentrates can be smooth, have varying levels of THC, and generally don’t have a potent smell. They can be used at different temperatures and are, like all concentrates, known for their potency. They are also very easy to use for beginners.


Dabbing concentrate can be a really great way for cannabis lovers to consume their favorite products, but it does have a bit of a learning curve. Partnering with someone who knows how to portion control can keep you from ending up way too high way too fast. Be aware that for most, dabbing effects can last up to several hours depending on the concentrate and potency. It is a process that can be a lot of fun, but should always be done with care and the right tools. Experiment to find what is right for you!

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