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Pax 2 Flower Vape Pen

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Product Details

Pax 2 Flower Portable Vaporizer

A masterpiece in vaporizing flower. With an oven that provides flavorful vapor, a vapor path that allows a smooth hit, long battery life, and sleek design, you’re ready for any adventure. Did we mention the PAX 2 won design awards?!

  • Usage

    • Battery

      2600 mAH
    • Sessions per Charge

    • Charge Time

      120+ Minutes
  • Size

    • Device Size

      4”h X 1”w X 1”d
    • Oven Size

  • Temperature

    • Temperature Range

      360 - 420 F
    • Avg Heat Time

      45 seconds
  • App & Bluetooth

    • App Support

    • Bluetooth Range


Easily vaporize your favorite flower on the go with a beautifully crafted, low-profile, and battery-efficient device.

  • 6-8

    Session per charge
  • 45sec

    Heat time
  • 2

    Year warranty
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