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Nickel Bags 14" Combo Pouch

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Product Details

“You look a little pale. Want a taste of the 14” Combo Pouch? The 6” and 7” just aren’t the same. You’re in the big leagues now. Go ahead, touch it. That’s a fully padded interior, adjustable elastic drawstring, and zippable side pocket, just like you’re used to. But wait! What kind of upgrade would this be if I didn’t throw in an exterior slip pocket? I thought you’d like that. You’ll never get tired of the red, black, and brown; I know I’ll see your face here again. Don’t pay any attention to the 20” Combo Pouch over there, you couldn’t handle it.”

Dimensions 14 x 5.25 in

Black, Brown, Red

Other features
  • Durable exterior
  • Padded interior
  • Zippered side closure
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring
  • Exterior slip pocket
  • Nickel Bags sewn-in logo
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