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King Palm 5 Mini Rolls

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King Palm’s Mini Rolls are perfect. These all-natural palm leaf wraps come pre-rolled, so all you have to do is just pack them. With five in one pack, you’ve got enough to treat yourself almost all week long.

Resealable Package Contains:

  • 5 Handmade Mini Rolls
  • 5 Organic Cornhusk Filters
  • One Bamboo Stick
  • One Humidity Packet

With the market being flooded with subpar smoking products, King Palm’s products remain some of the best of the best. Here’s why.


Use the included handy-dandy bamboo packing stick to get your product stuffed nicely. The size combined with our slow-burning design makes for quite a long-lasting smoke.

Clean, Organic Product

Tobacco-free, chemical-free, and glue-free. What more could you ask for from a wrap? King Palm prides itself on our organic products. We enjoy being as close to nature as possible, and with our pre-rolled cones coming from Mother Nature herself, it only makes sense to make our Mini Rolls without any of the fake stuff.

Unique Cornhusk Filters

To keep the product out of your mouth and your hits smooth and cool, King Palm uses all-natural cornhusk filters at the tip of every pre-rolled cone. These cornhusk tips are far better than your typical homemade cardboard filter: they enhance your smoking experience tenfold. Once you have one of these at the tip of your fingers, trust us, you’ll never want to use anything else.

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