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How To Roll A Joint

Out of all of the ways to smoke cannabis, few are more popular than that of the classic joint. A joint is a rolled-up bit of cannabis that can easily be smoked by itself and offers a great amount of cannabis for a single user. Though you can certainly share your joints, they really are great for single-serving use if you pack a standard amount into them. If you have watched people roll a joint and found yourself inspired to do the same, you are in good hands. In this post, we will explain how to roll your very own joint!

Grind Your Flower

Whether you plan to roll a joint filled with hemp or you prefer some good old-fashioned marijuana, you will need to grind it before you can begin. When grinding your cannabis, aim for a nice and fine finish. You don’t want any big clumps or extra twigs sitting in your joint. These can cause some extreme problems with the structural integrity later, so make sure you get a nice even finish before you start.

Add Your Tip

Though adding a filter or a tip is not a requirement when rolling a joint, it definitely adds to the experience. More importantly, it keeps ground flower from flying into your mouth—which can totally ruin a good smoking experience. You can make your own tip using any kind of sturdy paper or simply add a store-bought variation. Just place it at one side of the joint. 

Fill Your Joint Up

When you fill your joint up, you want to pay attention to the instructions on your packaging. Rolling papers can come in a variety of different sizes, which means they all hold different amounts of cannabis. If you underfill your joint, you will just have a sad joint and wasted rolling papers. If you overfill it, you run the risk of it not wrapping right and coming apart later. As you get better, you will be able to eyeball it. For now, reference the actual size of the rolling papers to find the right amount.

Pack It Up

After you have added the right amount of cannabis, you will want to spread it out evenly and pack it. Make sure that your flower is easily distributed and then tuck the paper to begin rolling. When you are done rolling, simply seal up your joint as detailed out on the package, twist the tip, and enjoy!


Joint rolling is an art and a science. Your first few joints might come out looking a little less than picture-perfect, but don’t worry. With a little bit of practice, you will be rolling absolutely perfect joints in no time. Who knows, after enough time, you might be able to come back and teach us a thing or two. For now, find the right rolling papers, pick your favorite strain, and get to work learning how to roll a great joint. It’s a great skill to have and makes for a good party trick!

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