Cannabis is amazing, but sometimes it can be downright harsh. If you are the kind of cannabis lover who is always trying to find a smoother hit, recyclers are perfect for you. This creative modification on traditional bong design is made to provide every single user with a smooth and easy way to embrace cannabis. Gone are the days of coughing and that slight burning sensation when hot smoke hits. With a recycler, you can easily enjoy a clean and smooth hit that goes down with ease. It’s the perfect device for regular smokers and new smokers alike.

So, what makes recyclers different? These magical devices are known for their smoother-than-average hit, but what makes that possible? The true power of a recycler is in its design. It relies on recycling the smoke as you inhale it. Instead of simply dropping it into a reservoir and then sending it straight to you, recyclers actually repeatedly dip the smoke itself through the reservoir. 

If you are familiar with bong technology, you know that water is often used to cool and filter smoke. With a recycler, this process is repeated. The end result is a smooth and pleasant hit that seems to glide right into your lungs. It makes cannabis smoke downright friendly, which is why so many people are drifting towards them. Even better, since the smoke doesn’t filter through the air, it stays fresh, which results in a much nicer taste. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick one out!