Portable vaporizers are growing in popularity for smoke lovers around the world. These easy to use devices give you the ability to smoke on the go whether you’re running around doing chores or working at your desk. With a portable vaporizer, you can receive the benefits of vaping without having to invest in something huge like a desktop vaporizer. They are small and friendly—but most importantly, they can get you high.

Portable vaporizers come in various forms and can be used to support concentrate or flower. A good vaporizer will hold a nice charge, provide a smooth draw, and is compatible with your preferred form of cannabis. Just make sure that you read the details of the portable vaporizer that you are buying since not every single one will support flower and concentrate, which can play a large role in your overall decision. Some of them even come with some extra features, like games—and no, we aren’t kidding. These games can be great while your head is buzzing!

Like their desktop equivalents, portable vaporizers can bring a lot to a user experience. Some of them offer temperature control,  as well as different draw styles. These easy to use devices make smoking incredibly simple, particularly if you are using concentrates. With a good portable vaporizer, you can enjoy smoking without having to worry about the heat of the smoke. Always take the time to research a product so you know what it can do, but rest assured that you will find your dream vaporizer on our site!