Pendants are a more recent trend creating a sense of uniqueness for the buyer and glassblower. Many artists have devoted their time to creating pendants for uses of jewelry or to complement their glass pieces. Pendants are cheaper than real jewelry and can often look nicer. They also express the creativity of the artists through design and influence. These pendants often display expressions of an artist's inspiration such as scenes of a galaxy from Jolex glass or the very popular raptor claw from Elbo glass. Implosions, millies, wig wag, opals, and sculptures intel many different styles and designs that are perfect for any marijuana smoker. Pendants can also act as functioning pieces letting you smoke while on the move. Many glass enthusiasts acquire pendants as collectibles for reasons of design and accessibility.

There are few things better than something beautiful and functional, and pendants offer the best of both worlds. These incredible pieces bring together art and function in the most dedicated way. Much like sculptures that double as pipes, pendants allow you to wear beautiful necklaces that can also be used to smoke any time that you want—and they are fairly discreet too. If you have ever wanted a wearable pipe, then pendants are perfect for you.

We think that pendants and their design empower artists to express themselves in new ways. There are so many talented glassblowers who create amazing products, but this allows them to showcase their designs in a whole new way. Each piece is a work of art that is designed to be worn in public, so instead of feeling sad that only a few people see your beautiful pipe, you can show the world.

What makes pendants so remarkable is the fact that they are hidden in plain sight. They double as a fashionable piece of jewelry but also serve the dual purpose of complete functionality. While they might not hold a ton of cannabis, they are perfect for little pick-me-ups and make it easy to smoke without really truly stopping to lead a bowl. The best part? You’re guaranteed to get compliments on these beautiful devices!