A lot of cannabis lovers have a special love for glass—and how could you not? Let’s be honest, people are making some pretty incredible works of art. While some of them are functional, like pipes, some of them are designed specifically to create a cool vibe in a room. It’s about ambiance and creative expression. The good news? We have all of it right here on the site.

When you visit this category in our shop, you will be met with literally all of the glass that we sell on the site. Maybe you’re not sure what you want—that’s fine. You can scroll right on through until you find something that catches your attention. We have amazing glass products for every single budget, and they are all pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

Glass is a beautiful art form whether you are making a pipe that looks like a space slug or you just want to craft a sculpture. Most of our glass products find a wonderful balance between art and function—and we are proud of that fact. In fact, some of our pipes are so well designed that they look like sculptures until you spin them around, making them perfect for decorative purposes—even when you have less than accepting company over. Support our artists here!