Flower Accessories

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There is more to smoking than just herb and a good pipe. Smoking flower is a process, which means that there is always room for innovation. Our flower accessories are designed to bring you the best possible experience whether you are smoking sativas or indicas. We want you to enjoy your time spent smoking, so we provide tools that make it almost too easy to do so.

At Ziggy’s, we focus on a few key accessories for our customers: ash catchers, bowls, and herb grinders. Though we are always adding new products to our lineup, we feel that these accessories can provide a much better user experience, so we bring together the best of the best for you right here. 

Ash catchers are designed to work with water pipes and can provide you a cleaner and more pleasant experience. They work by reducing the number of unseemly smoke components that you would otherwise inhale. Custom bowls are a fun way to dress up your favorite smoking device and can add a bit of artistic flair to even the most basic bong. Our hand-crafted devices are perfect for making your setup pop because we think smoking should always be fun. Grinders are the most important tool a flower smoker will ever use. Not only do they help you to smoke more effectively, but they also make it easy to guarantee an even burn so your cannabis is never wasted. With our accessories, you will never miss out!