Cleaning Supplies

From Orange Chronic Cleaner to Blue and Green Resinate Pipe Cleaner we have the best cleaning supplies that will keep your glass pieces in tip-top shape. The new Dabuloso Premium 99% Iso dab rig cleaner is a great way to clean your glass. 

Just because cannabis lovers often get depicted as lazy by mainstream media, it doesn’t mean you have to prove them right. One of the best things that you can do as a cannabis user is to make sure that you take care of your equipment. How do you do this? By keeping everything clean, of course! Taking proper care of your devices is crucial to the cannabis experience. Seriously, no one wants to see your dirty old bong sitting on your table. With the right cleaning supplies, you can make sure that it always looks better than ever. Yes, you can be the person with the pristine pipe. Here’s how.

For decades, cannabis users have relied on really basic tips and tricks to clean their products. Since cannabis wasn’t always exactly legal, it meant that the majority of us had to rely on basic cleaners and simple tools to clean our tools. Friends, those days are gone. Now, we are happy to provide you with a wide range of cleaning tools and products that are actually made for cannabis users. Yes, our products were made to clean pipes. These aren’t simple lifehacks. They are actual products made for this purpose.

Smoking is awesome, but it can sometimes leave a residue. You want your clean and shiny new pipe or bong to stay clean, which we completely understand. For this reason, we are proud to sell products that are actually made to help you out. Our cleaners can help your pipe start shining in no time!