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Bubblers have been in use for much longer than people have likely been smoking cannabis and there is a reason for it: they are amazing. If you haven’t heard of bubblers, don’t feel bad. While useful, they aren’t considered the most common style of pipe around. With so many options available, it is inevitable that some devices will be more popular, but don’t be deceived, a good bubbler can change your cannabis experience a lot. Soon, you might be wondering why you didn’t invest in one sooner. Don’t worry, we are here to change that up so you can learn about the power of a good bubbler.

A bubbler is a kind of hybrid between different kinds of pipes. It isn’t quite a bong and isn’t quite a waterpipe. Instead, it sits somewhere between them to provide users a wonderful smoking experience. For those who have been considering a bong but aren’t quite down with the size and complexity, a good bubbler might be perfect for you. It offers a lot of the same perks and a few extra bonuses too!

In a bubbler, you will find a pipe with a small water reservoir. This reservoir allows the smoke to cool and filter, much like you would see with a bong, but on a much smaller scale. These small hand-held devices are perfect for someone who wants to chill their smoke out without investing in a full-size bong that will take up a ton of space. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and provide a pleasant smoking experience. We also offer them in some pretty great designs!