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Cleaning Glass, how to, How To Clean Glass Bong -

Bongs are an old favorite for cannabis users. Even now, in a world filled with incredible cannabis mediums, bongs have managed to hold their ground as a preferred option. However, there is one part of owning a glass bong that confuses some people: cleaning it. If you have found yourself guessing at how to clean your bong, or you are completely new to the process, don’t worry. We have made this easy guide to help you keep your bong nice and clean for continuous use. Separate The Components Bongs actually tend to break down into quite a few pieces. While...

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Desktop Vaporizers, Portable Vaporizers, Vaporizers -

The world of cannabis has gotten a little more complicated in recent years and it has quite a few new toys to offer. When the legalization of marijuana first began sweeping the globe, it came with a pretty basic setup. Yes, you could buy cannabis and smoke it. There were prerolls, there were a few variations of joints, and of course, there were pipes. Now, new technology has taken over the cannabis scene in the form of vaporizers. This is why we wanted to explain what you need to know about vaporizers. Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizers Right now, there are...

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butane hash oil, concentrates, dabbing, how to, shatter, wax -

When it comes to dabbing, a lot of us are known to feel a little overwhelmed by the options. While it is nice to have various kinds of cannabis concentrates available, not everyone understands what these concentrates are or how to use them. Knowing this, we wanted to make a quick insider guide to explain dabbing concentrates and the difference between the most common concentrates. How Do I Dab? Dabbing is a process that changes depending on what you use. Dab pens, for example, tend to give users a little more control over their dosing. With a traditional dab rig,...

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